Directional Drillers

NOVA Directional is responsible for drilling the off-vertical portion of the wellbore in accordance with the operator's drilling program, so that all targets are reached. NOVA Directional oversees both the rig up and rig down of the steering portion of the bottom hole assembly, while working within the drilling contractor's and operator's safety and operational policies.

NOVA Directional Drilling

Experts in the Field

The Team at NOVA Directional is comprised of seasoned and highly educated professionals with more than 100 years combined talent. Our experience in the well drilling field is built from (deep in) the ground up including well planning, professional engineers, operations support, petroleum engineers, and operations management.

NOVA Directional Drilling Team

Strong Customer Base

Our extensive customer base allows us to showcase our experience and expertise, not to mention bringing the insight gained to your well drilling project. Contact us to find out how we can help you complete the drilling and get your well producing.

NOVA Directional Drilling
NOVA Directional Drilling

Professional Services

NOVA Directional Drilling

NOVA Directional is a full-service directional drilling company, providing expert horizontal and directional drilling services, MWD/EM services, and Gamma services to a wide range of energy exploration customers.

  • High LCM positive-pulse pulser
  • Inclination at bit / gamma at bit
  • Azimuthal gamma
  • Rotary Steerable System
  • Electromagnetic (EM) MWD tools
  • Pressure while drilling (PWD)
  • HPR Resistivity Tool

3D Well Design

NOVA Directional Drilling

Our 3D completion design software simplifies the completion design process by facilitating a collaborative, interactive, and governed environment.

  • 3D directional well plans,
    hydraulics & torque / drag reports
  • Cost-Time Analysis
  • Well bore Schematics
  • Well Completion Analysis

Wellsite Consultant Services

NOVA Directional Drilling

At NOVA Directional, we are leaders in the field and we believe our goal is the same as yours; we strive for your success.

  • Engineering & Wellbore Design
  • Drilling Consultants / Company Men
  • Professional Petroleum Engineering services
  • Production / Completion consulting