About NOVA Directional

NOVA Directional is a full service directional drilling service company, specialized in achieving accuracy, precision, and speed. Incorporated in 2011, we take pride in having delivered wells safely, as planned, and on budget for some of the top E&P companies in the industry. NOVA Directional includes a team with 40+ years of combined experience in the directional and horizontal drilling business. We offer expertise in everything from Vertical Control applications to Multi-Laterals, and everything in between. NOVA Directional utilizes only the most reliable, cost effective, and efficient technologies available on the market today. We own and use all of our primary Electromagnetic and Pressure Pulse Telemetry Measurement/Logging While Drilling (M/LWD) systems, as well as our Performance Drilling Motor (PDM) fleet. Our use of the latest technology from only the most trusted names in the industry, allows us to fully engage our suppliers, ensuring a continuous cycle of technological enhancements in Directional Drilling environment.

With a combined experience in excess of over 40 years, our directional and horizontal drilling team is able and ready to complete your next well. NOVA Directional drillers and MWD operators understand the directional drilling market, and the urgency for on-time project completion. Our experienced team of directional drillers operate in traditional oil and gas fields, as well as shale gas and coal bed methane gas formations. We maintain localized district facilities allowing us the opportunity to provide fast and cost effective directional drilling services for your well site. NOVA Directional has the knowledge, experience, and technology necessary to succeed in the directional services industry today. As one of the few comprehensive oilfield service companies, our directional drilling services include Measurement While Drilling, steering tools, wellbore surveying, wireline services, and downhole drilling motors.

As a go-to solution for customers, NOVA Directional offers a complete package of directional drilling services to accommodate a range of needs. We are able to provide spot-on service by utilizing technologies that are designed, engineered, and manufactured in-house; recruiting and retaining top-notch talent; and growing and supporting our divisions as well as the departments within them. Ultimately, we provide incomparable value to our customers by developing and enhancing proprietary technology and experienced personnel to consistently provide reliable, superior performance that is cost efficient, from a single-source directional drilling service provider. We have vast knowledge of and experience in the active U.S. land oil and gas play, and we put that knowledge to work for you. By maintaining local district facilities in every active basin, we are able to provide focused attention to each individual customer and project. We dedicate all of our resources in these districts to enhancing performance, reducing drilling time and lowering expenses.

NOVA Directional has the knowledge, experience, and technology necessary to succeed in the directional services industry today. As one of the few comprehensive oilfield service companies, our services include Directional Drilling, Measurement While Drilling, steering tools, wellbore surveying, wireline services, and Downhole Drilling Motors. NOVA Directional is a growth-oriented company formed to provide a wide range of completion, production, and drilling services to land-based exploration and production customers operating in unconventional resource plays, as well as conventional basins throughout the United States. We are dedicated to providing scheduled shifts for all of our field professionals to ensure a superior workforce. We have the best people in the directional drilling community, all working together in delivering superior customer service.

NOVA Directional provides directional and horizontal drilling services, downhole surveying, Measurement While Drilling (MWD) services, downhole motors, and steering tool services. NOVA Directional is a premium provider of horizontal and directional drilling services in unconventional resource plays. We specialize in directional drilling services that are critical to horizontal drilling, providing a complete guidance solution for directional wells and MWD services. Our experience includes a diversified customer base that includes large, U.S. independent exploration and production companies. NOVA Directional is incorporated in Delaware, January 1, 2011 and is registered to do business in most all oilfield states including Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, Louisiana, Arkansas, Montana, and Kansas.

Management and Staff

  • Edward  Chiaramonte – President

  • Mr. Chiaramonte has 40+ years of experience in the directional drilling field, beginning as an MWD manager, Drilling Operations manager, and finally Vice President of Operations, for various directional drilling companies. He has been responsible for all aspects of the business including sales, planning, operations, finance, legal, and administration. Mr. Chiaramonte has been a key part in the growth and expansion of various directional drilling companies.
    • BS Degree in Geology.
    • 30+ years in directional drilling field with emphasis on MWD systems
    • Experienced in the role of MWD Manager, Operations Manager, and VP of Operations for multiple directional drilling companies.
  • Rockie Browning – Directional Manager

  • Mr. Browning has more than 22 years of experience in the oilfield business, with 16 years as directional driller and field superintendent. His range of expertise includes drilling and oversight of numerous types of wells including conventional directional wells, horizontals, casing, and open-hole whipstock sidetracks, multi-laterals, and extended reach drilling.
    • 22 years oilfield experience (16 as directional driller / field superintendent)
    • Emphasis on West Texas / Permian basin.
  • Andres Puente – Well Planning / Operations

  • Mr. Puente has 10+ years of experience in the directional drilling field as a Well Planner, as well as operations support. Mr. Puente is proficient in all aspects of well planning, technical analysis, and reporting. Mr. Puente obtained his BS in engineering from Texas A&M University.
    • BS in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University.
    • 10 years in directional drilling field as well planner and operations support.
  • Bruce Veralli – Petroleum Engineer

  • Mr. Veralli experience includes work in the oil and gas industry after graduating with a Petroleum Engineering degree from the University of Tulsa. He has worked primarily in the production and drilling areas, and has been consulting for a number of domestic and international oil companies since 1989. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Texas.
    • 30+ year's in O&G industry
    • Primary practice in drilling and production as a registered professional engineer in the state of Texas.
  • Mike Burks – Account Manager

    • Mr. Burks began his career in the oil & gas industry after graduating from Sam Houston State University with a business degree. His background has been in sales and business development with an emphasis on drilling tools and directional services. He has spent time in West Texas, South Texas, and East Texas.
    • BA in Business from Sam Houston State University
    • 6+ years in O&G Industry
  • Mike Jones – Account Manager

    • After a long and successful football coaching career at the University of Oklahoma, including one National Championship and 13 bowl games, Mr. Jones ventured into the oil and gas industry. Since changing careers, Mr. Jones has continued to help several companies grow as account manager, sales manager, and VP of sales.

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Well Site Consulting Services

  • Engineering & Wellbore Design
  • Drilling Consultants / Company Men
  • Professional Petroleum Engineering services
  • Production / Completion consulting
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